Timeline History

Terrorism Timeline

Year Terror groups Terrorism War colonism dictators Coups military rule / emergency rule Weapons
Upto Now Al-Qaeda; Afghanistan until 2001, Southeast Asia, Middle East, worldwide cells
Osama bin Laden's network of Arabs who fought against the Soviet Union. Goal to establish a worldwide pan-Islamic Caliphate Targets “non-Islamic” regimes and U.S. citizens
1968: Senator Robert F. Kennedy assassinated by Palestinian immigrant Sirhan Sirhan on 1st anniversary of Six Day War (June 6) Gulf War. (1991) German Colonial Wars in Africa (1903 - 1908) Joseph Kabila Kabange (born June 4, 1971), known commonly as Joseph Kabila, became president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo after the assassination of his father Laurent-Désiré Kabila in January 2001.   1954: First US hydrogen bomb successfully tested. Long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles were developed by the US. The first nuclear submarine, the Nautilus, is launched.

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