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Terrorism History Timeline 1911-1920

Year Terror groups Terrorism War colonism dictators Coups military rule / emergency rule Weapons
1911   Russo-Persian War

Italo-Turkish War (1911 - 1912)

Mexican Civil War

Chinese Revolution (1911 - 1912)
1913   Balkan War, Second    
1914   Assassination in Sarajevo of Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria and his wife, precipitating World War I. (June 28) World War I (1914 - 1918)

Mexican Revolt (1914 - 1915)

WWI on the Western Front (1914 - 1918)

Italian Uprisings
  Submarines begin to have a heavy impact on sea warfare.
1915   Haitian Revolt

WWI on the Italian Front (1915 - 1918)

WWI in the Balkans (1915 - 1918)

Armenian Massacres
Augusto Pinochet Ugarte (Born November 26, 1915) began his military career early, having been pushed by both his mother and his wife, the latter being the daughter of a prominent politician.

Rising through the officer ranks, he clamped down on the Chilean Communist Party, yet his apparent refusal to become more involved in politics was, ironically, what led to his rapid advancement under the tutelage of the left-wing government of President Allende.

  British begin using the depth charge as an anti-submarine weapon. Sonar developed by Paul Langevin. Fokker warplane became the first to have its machine guns synchronized with its propeller. Trench mortars first used.
1916   Black Tom Explosion, allegedly caused by German saboteurs, kills an estimated seven people and injures hundreds. The blast caused heavy damage to Jersey City, New Jersey, Ellis Island and The Statue of Liberty.(July 30) Villa’s Raids (1916 - 1917)

Anglo-Irish Civil War (1916 - 1921)
  Phosgene gas developed. Mark I tanks are first used in action..
1917   Cuban Revolt

Costa Rican Revolution

Estonian War of Independence (1917 - 1920)
Ferdinand Marcos (Born on Sept. 11, 1917) began his career with a bang. At age 21, convicted of gunning down Julio Nalundasan, his father's victorious opponent in the Philippines first national elections, he went to prison. He was later released by a Supreme Court Justice who, like Marcos and his father, was a Nazi collaborator. Despite Marcos's record as murderer, fake WW ll hero and Nazi agent, he was elected Philippine President in 1965.    
1918   Haitian Revolt (1918 - 1919)

Hungarian Revolution

Finnish War of Independence (1918 - 1920)

Russian Civil War (1918 - 1921)
1919   D'Annunzio's War (1919 - 1920)

Russo-Polish War (1919 - 1920)

Third Afghan War

Latvian War of Independence (1919 - 1920)

Rif War (1919 - 1926)
1920   Wall Street Bombing kills 40 people and wounds 300 others. (Sept 16) Mexican Civil War    
Year Terror groups Terrorism War colonism dictators Coups military rule / emergency rule Weapons

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