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Terrorism History Timeline 1961-1970

Year Terror groups Terrorism War colonism dictators Coups military rule / emergency rule Weapons
1961   Omani terrorists blow up the passenger liner MV Dara, killing 238 people (April 8)

Puerto Rican born Antuilo Ramierez Ortiz forced at gunpoint a National Airlines plane to fly to Havana, Cuba, where he was given asylum. (May 1)
Angolan War of Independence (1961 - 1976)

Ethiopian-Eritrean Guerrilla War (1961 - 1991)

Bay of Pigs Invasion
In 1961, Brazilian President Jaao Goulart sought to trade with communist nations, supported the labor movement, and had limited the profits multi-nationals could take out of the country. In 1964, the US took part in the overthrow of Goulart by General Humberto de Alencar Castello Branco, although US government officials have denied involvement. As an example of US support for Branco, just prior to the coup, US officials cabled Washington a reguest for oil for Branco's soldiers in case Goulart's troops blew up the refineries.   The Long Beach, the first nuclear powered surface warship, is commissioned.
1962   16th Street Baptist Church bombing. A member of the Ku Klux Klan bombed a Church in Birmingham, Alabama, killing four girls Yemenite Civil War (1962 - 1970)

Argentine Revolts (1962 - 1963)

Guinea-Bissauan War of Independence (1962 - 1974)

Mozambican War of Independence (1962 - 1974)
1963   Ethiopian-Somali Border War (1963 - 1988)

Dominican-Haitian Discord

Algerian-Moroccan War (1963- 1964)

Cypriot War, Greek-Turkish (1963 - 1964)

Indonesian-Malaysian War (1963 - 1966)
  North American early warning radar system is set up to detect incoming Soviet missiles
1964 Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC); Colombia
Oldest and most–capable Marxist insurgency with ties to narcotics trafficking Targets Colombian political, military, and economic interests, also foreign citizens
Brazilian Revolt

Zanzibar Rebellion
  During the Vietnam War, surface-to-air missiles were effectively used and hovercraft were used on inland waterways (1964 - 1973)
1965 National Liberation Army (ELN); Colombia, Venezuela
Marxist insurgent group inspired by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara Targets foreign employees from large corporations
The Monumental Plot - New York Police thwart an attempt to dynamite the Statue of Liberty,Liberty Bell, and the Washington Monument by three members of the pro Castro Black Liberation Front and a Quebec Separatist Dominican Republic Civil War (1965 - 1966)

Chadian Civil War (1965 - 1996)

Indo-Pakistani War

Indonesian Massacre
1966 Ulster Volunteer Force A group of former IRA men planted a bomb that destroyed Nelson's Pillar in Dublin (March 8)

NAACP leader Vernon Dahme assassinated by firebomb exploded by The Ku Klux Klan.

A bazooka attack on the Cuban embassy in Ottawa is made. (Sept 22)

Anti-Castro forces bomb the offices of the Cuban trade delegation in Ottawa. (Oct 5)
Bolivian Guerrilla War (1966 - 1967)

Namibian War of Independence (SWAPO) (1966 - 1990)
1967 Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP); Syria, Lebanon, Israel, West Bank, Gaza Strip
Marxist-Leninist group that broke away from the Arab Nationalist Movement Targets Israel's “illegal occupation” of Palestine and opposes negotiations with Israel
United Nations Resolution 242 called upon Israel to withdraw unconditionally from occupied Palestinian territories. Tupamaros’ Reign of Terror (1967 - 1973)

Nigerian-Biafran War (1967 -1970)

Six-Day War
Hassanal Bolkiah (born July 15, 1946) is the 29th Sultan of Brunei since 1967   First effective use of surface-to-surface missiles
1968 Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine–General Command (PFLP-GC); Syria
Split from the PFLP to focus on fighting, opposes Arafat's PLO Attacks in Europe and the Middle East. Targets Israel, West Bank, and Gaza Strip
Senator Robert F. Kennedy assassinated by Palestinian immigrant Sirhan Sirhan on 1st anniversary of Six Day War (June 6)

U.S. Ambassador to Guatemala John Gordon Mein was murdered by a rebel faction when gunmen forced his official car off the road in Guatemala City and raked the vehicle with gunfire. (August 28)
Basque War for Independence (1968 - 1999)

Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia
1969 Communist Party of the Philippines/New People's Army (CPP/NPA); Philippines
CPP's military wing that aims to overthrow the government through guerrilla warfare Targets Philippine security forces, politicians, judges, government informers, NPA rebels
The Front de Libération du Québec (FLQ) set off a powerful bomb that ripped through the Montreal Stock Exchange causing massive destruction and seriously injuring twenty-seven people. (Feb 13)

U.S. Ambassador to Japan A.H. Meyer was attacked by a knife-wielding Japanese citizen. (July 30)

U.S. Ambassador to Brazil Charles Burke Elbrick was kidnapped by the Marxist revolutionary group MR-8. (Sept 3)

Piazza Fontana bombing in Milan, killing 16 people. (Dec 12)
Soccer War

Guyanan Rebellion

Northern Ireland Civil War (1969 - 1998)

Philippine Guerrilla Wars (1969 - 1999)
Colonel Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi1 (born c.1942) has been the de facto leader of Libya since 1969    
1970 Palestine Liberation Front (PLF); Iraq
Broke away from PFLP-GC and split into pro-PLO, –Syrian, and –Libyan factions Known for aerial attacks against Israel

Palestine Islamic Jihad (PIJ); Israel, West Bank, Gaza Strip
Militant Palestinians committed to destroying Israel through holy war Targets Israeli military and civilians, opposes secularism

Al-Jihad (AJ); Cairo, Egypt, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, UK
Egyptian Islamic extremists, merged with al-Qaeda in 2001 Aims to replace the Egyptian government with Islamic state, attack U.S., Israeli interests

Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya (1970-Present)
A bomb explodes in the rear of Swissair Flight 330, causing it to crash near Zürich, Switzerland, killing 38 passengers and all 9 crew members.It was done by Palestinian group PFLP (Feb 21)

In Montevideo, Uruguay, the Tupamaros terrorist group kidnapped AID Police adviser Dan Mitrione; his body was found on August 10. (July 31)
Trinidadian Rebellion

Jordanian Civil War (1970 - 1971)

Cambodian Civil War (1970 - 1975)
Sayyed Qaboos bin Sa’id Al ‘Bu Sa’id (born November 18, 1940 in Salalah) is the current Sultan of Oman. He rose to power after overthrowing his father, Sa’id ibn Taimur, in 1970.    
Year Terror groups Terrorism War colonism dictators Coups military rule / emergency rule Weapons

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