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Terrorism History Timeline 1971-1980

Year Terror groups Terrorism War colonism dictators Coups military rule / emergency rule Weapons
1971   Bolivian Revolt

Rhodesian Civil War (1971 - 1979)

Ceylonese Rebellion

Indo-Pakistani War
Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (1918 to 2 November 2004), the principal architect of the seven United Arab Emirates, was the ruler of Abu Dhabi and president of the UAE for over 30 years (1971-2004).

1972   Burundian Civil War Jigme Singye Wangchuck is the fourth and present King of Bhutan. He was born November 11, 1955 and succeeded to the throne at the age of 17, in 1972  
1973 Gama’a al-Islamiyya (Islamic Group); Egypt
Egypt’s largest militant group now split into two factions, one calling for cease-fire. Aims to replace Egypt's government with an Islamic state
U.S. Ambassador to Sudan Cleo A. Noel and other diplomats were assassinated at the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Khartoum by members of the Black September organization. (March 2)

U.S. Consul General in Guadalajara Terrence Leonhardy was kidnapped by members of the People's Revolutionary Armed Forces. (May 4)

Five terrorists pulled weapons from their luggage in the terminal lounge at the Rome airport, killing two persons. They then attacked a Pan American 707 bound for Beirut and Tehran, destroying it with incendiary grenades and killing 29 persons, including 4 senior Moroccan officials and 14 American employees of the Arabian-American Oil Company (ARAMCO). They then herded 5 Italian hostages into a Lufthansa airliner and killed an Italian customs agent as he tried to escape, after which they forced the pilot to fly to Beirut. After Lebanese authorities refused to let the plane land, it landed in Athens, where the terrorists demanded the release of 2 Arab terrorists. In order to make Greek authorities comply with their demands, the terrorists killed a hostage and threw his body onto the tarmac. The plane then flew to Damascus, where it stopped for two hours to obtain fuel and food. It then flew to Kuwait, where the terrorists released their hostages in return for passage to an unknown destination. The Palestine Liberation Organization disavowed the attack, and no group claimed responsibility for it. (Dec 17)
Chilean Revolution

Arab-Israeli War

Bangladeshi Civil War (1973 - 1997)
1974 Kongra-Gel (KGK), a.k.a. Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK); Turkey, Middle East
Marxist–Leninist insurgent group aims to create a democratic Kurdish state Targets Turkish security forces, officials, and villagers who oppose organization

Abu Nidal Organization (ANO) a.k.a. Fatah; Iraq
Transnational organization, composed of functional committees. Targets U.S., UK, France, Israel, moderate Palestinians, the PLO, Arab countries
U.S. Ambassador to Cyprus Rodger P. Davies and his Greek Cypriot secretary were shot and killed by snipers during a demonstration outside the U.S. Embassy in Nicosia. (Aug 19)    
1975 Revolutionary Organization 17 November; Athens, Greece
Radical leftist group named for student uprising in 1973 Seeks removal of U.S. bases, Turkish military, and the severing of NATO and EU ties
New York City: bomb set off in historic Fraunces Tavern killed 4 and injured more than 50 people. Puerto Rican nationalist group (FALN) claimed responsibility, and police tied 13 other bombings to the group. (Jan 24) Guatemalan Civil War (1975 - 1996)

Angolan Civil War (1975 - 1991)
1976 Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE); Sri Lanka
Most powerful Tamil group in Sri Lanka aims to create a Tamil state Targets key personnel, senior political and military leaders
Exiled Chilean Foreign Minister Orlando Letelier was killed by a car-bomb in Washington. (Sept 21) Colombian Guerrilla War (1976 - 1999)

Argentine "Dirty War" (1976 - 1983)

Spanish Saharan War (1976 - 1991)

Mozambican Civil and Guerrilla Wars (1976 - 1992)
Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz (born on August 13, 1926) is the current President of Cuba. After commanding the revolution that overthrew Fulgencio Batista in 1959, he held the title of Prime Minister until 1976, when he became president of the Council of State as well as the Council of Ministers.    
1977   Salvadoran Civil War (1977 - 1992)

Libyan-Egyptian War

Laotian Guerrilla War (1977 - 1990)

Kampuchean-Thai Border War (1977 - 1995)
1978 Revolutionary People's Liberation Army/Front (DHKP-C); Turkey
Marxist-Leninist group: “Party” refers to its political activities, “Front” refers to its militant operations Anti-U.S., anti-NATO, and anti-Turkish establishment group
Nicaraguan Civil War (1978 - 1979)

Kampuchean Civil War (1978 - 1998)
Maumoon Abdul Gayoom (born December 29, 1937), has been the president of the Republic of Maldives since November 11, 1978    
1979   Four Afghans kidnapped U.S. Ambassador Adolph Dubs in Kabul and demanded the release of various "religious figures." Dubs was killed, along with four alleged terrorists, when Afghan police stormed the hotel room where he was being held. (Feb 14)

Tehran, Iran: Iranian radical students seized the U.S. embassy, taking 66 hostages. 14 were later released. The remaining 52 were freed after 444 days on the day of President Reagan's inauguration. (Nov 4)
Ugandan Civil War

Sino-Vietnamese War
In 1979, Muammar Qaddafi, a young and treacherous Libyan army officer, engineered a lightning coup d'etat, which saw him take over Libya and quickly institute a reign of terror throughout the Arab world. President Reagan aptly described him as "the most dangerous man in the world." He would stop at nothing to advance the cause of what he called "Islamic Unity." He established a vast network of spies and saboteurs throughout the Middle East and Africa, attempting to overthrow many governments. His agents successfully conducted a coup in Sudan and were almost as successful in Zaire.

Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo (born June 5, 1942) has been the President of Equatorial Guinea since 1979.
1980     Peruvian Guerrilla Wars (1980 -1999)    
Year Terror groups Terrorism War colonism dictators Coups military rule / emergency rule Weapons

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