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Chalukya Empire

The Chalukya Dynasty was a powerful Indian royal dynasty that ruled large parts of southern and central India between the 6th and the 12th century C.E. They began to assert their independence at the decline of the Satavahana empire and rapidly rose to prominence during the reign of Pulakesi II (609 642) C.E. Immadi Pulakesi (Immadi in old Kannada means "II") extended the Chalukyan Empire up to the northern extents of the Pallava kingdom and halted the southward march of Harsha by defeating him on the banks of the river Narmada. He also defeated the Vishnukundins in the southeastern Deccan. He is considered as one of the great kings in Indian history. Pallava Narasimhavarman however reversed this victory by attacking and occupying the Chalukya capital Vatapi (Badami).
The Chalukyan dynasty witnessed some determined struggles for political hegemony over the Deccan. It also saw some remarkable achievements in the myriad realms of culture, particularly in the evolution and proliferation of architectural styles. The Chalukya Empire went in to a brief decline following Pulakesi II due to internal feuds. It recovered during the reign of the equally illustrious Vikramaditya II who defeated the Pallava Nandivarman II and captured Kanchipuram.
After the rise of the Rashtrakutas the Chalukyas of Badami went in to an eclipse to be recovered in the tenth century C.E. by Tailapa II (973 997) C.E. These later Chalukyas ruled from Kalyani. These 'Western Chalukyas' were in constant conflict with the Imperial Cholas over the control of the Eastern Chalukya kingdom of Vengi.
After almost three hundred years of glory, the Western Chalukyan power finally succumbed to the Hoysalas and Yadavas. Somesvara IV 1184 1200 C.E. was the last recognised Chalukyan ruler.
Chalukyas have left behind their legacy of some of the most beautiful architecture and literature. The Chalukyan style of architecture was a combination of the South Indian and the North Indian building styles

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