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Third Anglo-Maratha War

The Third Anglo-Maratha War (1817 - 1818) was a final and decisive conflict between the United Kingdom and the Maratha empire in India, which left the UK in control of most of India.
It began with an invasion of Maratha territory by the British governor-general, Lord Hastings, in the course of operations against Pindari robber bands. The Peshwa of Pune's forces ( see Battle of Khadki), followed by those of the Bhonsle of Nagpur and Holkar of Indore, rose against the British, but British diplomacy convinced the Sindhia of Gwalior to remain neutral, although he lost control of Rajasthan. British victory was swift, and resulted in the breakup of the Maratha empire and the loss of Maratha independence to the British. The Peshwa was pensioned off, and most of his territory was annexed to Bombay Presidency, although the Maharaja of Satara was restored as ruler of a princely state until its annexation to Bombay state in 1848. The northern portion of the Nagpur Bhonsle dominions, together with the Peshwa's territories in Bundelkhand, were annexed to British India as the Saugor and Nerbudda Territories. The Maratha kingdoms of Indore, Gwalior, Nagpur, and Jhansi became princely states, acknowledging British control. The Third Anglo-Maratha War left the UK in control of virtually all of present-day India south of the Sutlej River.

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