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upto 1850 Edward II of England bans football in London (1314)

the Cambridge Rules, first standardised rules for football in England (1848)
Students at Oxford University organise the first universities Athletics Sports meeting. (1850) The broken window by-law in Pittsfield, Massachusetts prohibits "baseball" and other ballgames within 80 yards of the new meetinghouse, the earliest known reference to "baseball" in North America (1791)

First match certainly played by the Knickerbocker rules, at Elysian Fields in Hoboken (1846)
Kent v Surrey, the first match played between teams named for English counties (1709)

Melbourne Cricket Club is formed. (1838)
    James VI of Scotland appoints Edinburgh bowmaker William Mayne as royal club-maker for his lifetime (1603)

First codified Rules of Golf published by the St Andrews Golfers - later the Royal and Ancient Golf Club
1851-1855   The Knickerbocker Base Ball Club of New York plays two matches with the Washington club, soon named Gotham (1851)

The New York Sunday Mercury publishes a box score for a Knickerbockers-Gothams baseball match, reprinted by the Clipper a few days later (1853)

The Eagles win their first two matches, with the Knickerbockers in mid-November, 21-4 and 22-21. (1854)
Dublin University Football Club founded, the oldest documented football club of any code (1854)        
1856-1860 Sheffield F.C., the world's first football (soccer) club and one of the oldest football clubs in the world is founded. (1857)

26 December - The first inter-club football match is played. Sheffield F.C. beat Hallam F.C. 2-0. (1860)

Lausanne Football and Cricket Club founded in Switzerland, the first football (soccer) club outside England (1860)
The four established New York (Manhattan) clubs play nine matches between August 30 and October 28. Several other clubs in present New York City play matches against a rival or two. Daily and weekly newspapers cover the game and some matches. (1856)

In May, sixteen base ball clubs from modern New York City convene and revise the rules including replacement of 21 runs by 9 innings. The convention will be known as the first of the National Association of Base Ball Players although there is yet no annual commitment or formal organization. (1857)
The North Down Cricket Club is founded in County Down, NI. Most famous for two of its members: Thomas Andrews Jnr Designer of the Titanic and Edmund de Wind posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross for his bravery at Grugies (France) in the 1st World War (1857)     First British Open won by Willie Park at Prestwick Golf Club. The championship is limited to professional players, to be opened next year. (1860)  
1861-1865 The Football Association founded in London to regulate football in England under a single code of rules. This establishes Association football, or soccer; the rugby clubs do not join.
National Association membership drops from 55 to 33 clubs, shedding every one outside greater New York except the Victory club of Troy, which plays only local matches. (1862)

New rules empower the umpire to "call" balls (bad pitches) and eventually award first base on balls, practically limiting the number of pitches and the length of each batsman's turn. (1864)
Overarm bowling is finally permitted. (1864)        
1866-1870 Youdan Cup in Sheffield, the first organised football tournament (1867) The Amateur Athletic Club becomes the governing body of athletics in the United Kingdom, hosting the first national championships and introducing the definition of an amateur that will dominate athletics for over 100 years.
National Association membership triples and geographic scope explodes, from Fort Leavenworth, Kansas to Portland, Maine. The association hears cases of professionalism at the center and there is no longer a clear and official NABBP champion.(1866)

In December the National Association permits full professionalism for 1869. The Cincinnati Red Stockings recruit with great success. (1868)
The first American intercollegiate football game is played, between Princeton University and Rutgers University, although the rules are closer to modern Association football (soccer). Rutgers wins by 6 "runs" to 4.
1871-1875 At a meeting in London, the eight-year old Football Association decide to hold a challenge cup competition the next year. The FA Cup is born with 15 entries (1871)

In the inaugural FA Cup final, Wanderers beat Royal Engineers 10 at the Kennington Oval (1872)

FA Cup: Wanderers beat Oxford University 2-0 (1873)

FA Cup: Oxford University beat Royal Engineers, 2-0 (1874)

FA Cup: Royal Engineers beat Old Etonians 2-0 (replay) (1875)
The original Boston Red Stockings win the NA pennant, beginning a four-year run (1872)

The champion Boston Red Stockings win another one (1873)

The Boston Red Stockings win a third consecutive pennant. (1874)

The Boston Red Stockings win a fourth consecutive pennant. For the first time there is practically no "pennant race" for the National Association championship, the last one. (1875)
Harvard University plays McGill University under a code of football mixing soccer and rugby - arguably the first game of American football. (1874)        
1876-1880 FA Cup: Wanderers FC beat Old Etonians 1 - 1 (aet) ; March 18 Replay 3 - 0 (1876)

FA Cup Wanderers F.C. beat Oxford University 2-1 (after extra time) (1877)

Wanderers FC beat Royal Engineers 3-1, its fifth and final FA Cup (1878)

FA Cup - Old Etonians beat Clapham Rovers 1-0 (1879)

FA Cup - Clapham Rovers beat Oxford University 1-0 (1880)
The National League of Professional Base Ball Clubs (NL) is founded at the Grand Central Hotel in New York City, the first pro sports league, North American style: closed and territorial. (1876)

The National League agrees that no one else will hire any of five players listed by each club, the first reserve lists. (1879)

Chicago White Stockings win National League championship (1880)
Australia defeats England in the first Test match by 45 runs (1877)

Only Test between Australia and England. Australia win by 10 wickets. (1879)

Fred Spofforth of Australia claims the first hat-trick in Test cricket at the Sydney Cricket Ground. (1879)

London - Only Test, England v Australia. England won by 5 wickets. (1880)
First open tournament held at Wimbledon (1877) First match, Philips Andover versus Philips Exeter, the oldest high school rivalry in the U.S. (1878)        
1881-1885 FA Cup Final: Old Carthusians beat Old Etonians 3-0. This was the last final to be played between two Southern amateur sides.(1881)

FA Cup Old Etonians beat Blackburn Rovers 1-0 (1882)

FA Cup - Blackburn Olympic beat Old Etonians 2-1 (aet). (1883)

FA Cup - Blackburn Rovers beat Queen's Park (Glasgow) 2-1 (1884)

FA Cup - Blackburn Rovers beat Queen's Park (Glasgow) 2-0 (1885)
The National League completes two years with one circuit, eight northerly cities from Chicago to Boston. (1882)

The NL, AA, and Northwestern League limit competition in the Tripartite Agreement, the first National Agreement and the birth of so-called Organized Baseball. (1883)

World Series the First - Providence NL defeats New York AA, 3 games to none. (1884)

World Series - Chicago NL ties St Louis AA, 3 games to 3 with one tie. (1885)
England tour Australia for a 4-Test series. Australia win 2-0. (1882)

England tour Australia for a 3-Test series. England win 2-1 and regain the Ashes for the first time. Ashes trophy created and awarded to England. (1883)
First U.S. National Singles Championship, precursor of the US Open won by Richard D. Sears (1881)        
1886-1890 FA Cup - Blackburn Rovers beat West Bromwich Albion 0-0 (aet); 2-0. (1886)

FA Cup - Aston Villa beat West Bromwich Albion 2-0 (1887)

FA Cup - West Bromwich Albion beat Preston North End 2-0. (1888)

FA Cup - Preston North End beat Wolverhampton Wanderers 3-0, becoming the first team to complete the Double. (1889)

FA Cup - Blackburn Rovers beat The Wednesday 6-1. (1890)
World Series - St Louis AA defeats Chicago NL, 4 games to 2. (1886)

World Series - Detroit NL defeats St Louis AA 10 games to 5. (1887)

World Series - New York NL defeats St Louis AA 6 games to 4. (1888)

World Series - New York NL defeats Brooklyn AA 6 games to 3. (1889)

World Series - Louisville AA ties Brooklyn NL, 3 games to 3 (1890)
Port Elizabeth - South Africa plays its first Test match, against England. England won by 8 wickets. (1889)

County Cricket Championship - Surrey (1890)
The Hockey Association founded in England to codify the rules of field hockey (1886)      
1891-1895 FA Cup - Blackburn Rovers beat Notts County 3-1.(1891)

FA Cup - West Bromwich Albion beat Aston Villa 3-0. (1892)

FA Cup - Wolverhampton Wanderers beat Everton 1-0. (1893)

FA Cup - Notts County beat Bolton Wanderers 4-1. (1894)

FA Cup - Aston Villa beat West Bromwich Albion 1-0. (1895)
C. B. Fry equals the world record for the long jump of 23 ft. 5in - the record stands for 18 months. (1892) Ted Breitenstein pitches a no-hitter in his first major league start on October 4. (1891)

The "National League and American Association" is the sole major league in baseball after incorporating four AA clubs in the National League and buying out the four others. (1892)

The pitcher's rubber replaces the box and the effective distance from home plate increases from 55 feet to 60 feet, 6 inches. (1893)
County Cricket Championship - Surrey (1891)

County Cricket Championship - Surrey (1892)

County Cricket Championship - Yorkshire (1893)

County Cricket Championship - Surrey (1894)

County Cricket Championship - Surrey (1895)
First French Open held (1891) The University of Alabama and Auburn University meet at Lakeview Baseball Park in Birmingham for the first Iron Bowl. (1893) HC Bloemendaal, a Dutch field hockey club located in Bloemendaal, Noord-Holland (1895) James Naismith invents basketball in Springfield, Massachusetts (December). (1891)

First official game of basketball played at a YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts (January). (1892)

First college basketball game took place in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania when Geneva College defeated the New Brighton YMCA (1893)
1896-1900 FA Cup - The Wednesday beat Wolverhampton Wanderers 2-1. (1896)

FA Cup - Aston Villa beat Everton 3-2, becoming the second club to complete the Double. (1897)

FA Cup - Nottingham Forest beat Derby County 3-1. (1898)

FA Cup - Sheffield United beat Derby County 41 (1899)

FA Cup - Bury beat Southampton 4-0. (1900)
1896 Summer Olympics, the first modern Olympic Games, takes place in Athens, Greece (1896)

1900 Summer Olympics takes place in Paris, France (1900)
The original Baltimore Orioles win their third and final championship. (1896)

Ted Breitenstein pitches a no-hitter against the Pittsburg Pirates on April 22. (1898)

The Brooklyn Superbas Finish 1st in the National League with many of the original Baltimore Orioles stars including Ned Hanlon, Willie Keeler, Hughie Jennings and Joe Kelley. (1899)
The Ashes - England win 3 test series 2-1 (1896)

County Cricket Championship - Lancashire (1897)

County Cricket Championship - Yorkshire (1898)

The Ashes - Australia beat England 10 (1899)
On September 18, the Cincinnati Open is started. Today, it is the oldest tennis tournament in the United States still played in its original city, and is now known as the Western & Southern Financial Group Masters & Women's Open. (1899)

Davis Cup competition is established. (1900)
    US Open - Willie Smith wins the men's tournament. (1899)  
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