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1901 With the arrival of electricity, Broadway set out white lights stretching from 13th to 46th Street in New York City, inspiring the nickname "the Great White Way."            
1902     Georges Méliès, a magician-turned-filmmaker, introduced innovative special effects in the first real science fiction film, Le Voyage Dans La Lune, aka A Trip to the Moon.        
1903 Hollywood was incorporated as a municipality.       American director Edwin S. Porter, chief of production at the Edison studio, helped to shift film production toward narrative story telling with such films as the first realistic (or documentary) film The Life of an American Fireman and The Great Train Robbery, one of the first westerns (filmed on the East Coast - not in Hollywood).    
1904 Georges Méliès released the first two-reel film, The Impossible Voyage (aka Le Voyage a Travers L'Impossible) - at about 20 minutes in length, it was about five times longer than the average film at the time   Narrative film began to become the dominant form.        
1905 The first movie theater opens in Pittsburgh.   Cooper Hewitt mercury lamps made it practical to shoot films indoors without sunlight. The American entertainment trade journal Variety began publication.        
1906 The Biograph film studio opened in New York City.   The world’s first feature-length film at 70 minutes in length, The Story of the Kelly Gang (aka Ned Kelly and His Gang), premiered in Melbourne, Australia. Cinema briefly flourished there.        
1907 The first film-makers arrived in Los Angeles. Filmmakers began to realize that the Los Angeles area was a good filming area with a favorable climate and a variety of natural scenery. The first movie was also made in Los Angeles soon afterwards   Bell and Howell developed a film projection system.        
1908 The first detective films, the Nick Carter series, were released in France.

The Adventures of Dollie, the first movie directed by D. W. Griffith (in the same year that he started as a director at American Mutoscope and Biograph Company in New York City), was released and debuted in New York.
      The first real horror film, William Selig's 16-minute Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, was premiered in Chicago.    
1909 An American court ruled that unauthorized films infringed on copyrights, in a case over the 1907 film version of Ben-Hur. As a result, film companies began buying screen rights to books and plays.   Cameraman Billy Bitzer became the first to film entirely indoors using artificial light. The New York Times publishes the first movie review, a report on D. W. Griffith's Pippa Passes.      
1910 Carl Laemmle set up his own Independent Motion Picture Company (IMP) to counteract the Edison Trust.

The first movie stunt a man jumped into the Hudson River from a burning balloon.
  Thomas Edison introduces his kinetophone, which makes talkies a reality.        
Year Events Records Inventions Articles Awards Movies Indian Movies Personalities

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