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Movies History Timeline 1971 - 1980

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1971           Anand released. Death of Paul Lukas(August 15).
1972           Shor released.Manoj Kumar writes,produces, directs, and stars in this family melodrama.  
1973     Westworld: First use of 2D computer digitized images as part of a feature film. At the 1972 Academy Awards, Sacheen Littlefeather stands in for Marlon Brando and refuses his Best Actor Oscar for his role in The Godfather

Best Actor
The Exorcist released. Abhimaan,Bobby released. Death of Anna Magnani.
1974       One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest sweeps the top Oscars, winning Best Picture, Director, Actor, and Actress.

Best Picture
1975         Jaws released. Julie, Sholay (the most successful film in Indian film history) released. Death of Susan Hayward (March 14).
1976 Futureworld: First use of 3D computer graphics for animated hand and face.   The Steadicam is used for the first time in Rocky.     Chitchor released.  
1977       Star Wars Episode IV: First use of 3D vector graphics for the trench run briefing sequence. Amar Akbar Anthony released. Three brothers are separated by a family disaster, adopted by kind strangers, and raised as a Hindu, a Muslim, and a Christian. Death of Bing Crosby (October 14).

Death of Joan Crawford (May 10).
1978         Grease released. Don released.  
1979     Alien: Used raster wireframe model rendering for navigation monitors in the landing sequence.

The Black Hole: Disney uses CGI for the opening titles.
  Moonraker released. Sargam released.  
1980   Robert De Niro set the world record for most weight gained for a film by gaining 50-60 pounds to play boxer Jake LaMotta in Martin Scorsese's Raging Bull.     The Empire Strikes Back released. Qurbani released. Feroz Khan directed this love triangle, with songs that introduced disco to Indian film music. Ronald Reagan was elected the first movie-star president of the United States.

Sherry Lansing became the first female to head a major studio when she became president of 20th Century Fox studios.
Year Events Records Inventions Articles Awards Movies Indian Movies Personalities

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