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1981 MTV, a music video channel on cable, was launched 24/7.

Looker: First CGI human character, Cindy. First use of shaded 3D CGI as we think of it today.
    The disco film musical Can't Stop the Music (1980) won the First Golden Raspberry Awards

Katharine Hepburn won her record fourth acting Oscar - Best Actress for her performance in On Golden Pond. She became the first performer to win that many Best Actress awards.

Best Actress
Steven Spielberg's summer box-office hit Raiders of the Lost Ark was a breathlessly-paced throwback to cliff-hanging, non-stop action/adventure films of the past. Ek Duuje Ke Liye released. Actress Natalie Wood accidentally drowned off Catalina Island, during the filming of Peter Hyam's Brainstorm.

Death of Robert Montgomery (September 27).
1982 Jim Clark founded Silicon Graphics, a cutting-edge company that contributed to the growth of computer imaging and animation in films.

  ILM computer graphics division develops "Genesis effect".   Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan just beat Tron (1982) into release, to attain the honor of being the first film to use computer-generated images (CGI). Arth released. Mahesh Bhatt's semi-autobiographical film about a neurotic actress who snares and then loses a married man. Stars Shabana Azmi and Smita Patil. Death of Ingrid Bergman (August 29).
1983 The Professional:Golgo 13: The first anime title to use CGI (opening credits and helicopter attack sequence).   The THX sound system technology was developed with the main goal of recreating film sound in film theaters exactly as the filmmakers had intended. The first movie to be shown in a THX-certified auditorium was Return of the Jedi (1983).   Return of the Jedi released. Masoom released. Directed by Shekhar Kapur, a story about an illegitimate son. Never Say Never Again (a remake of the earlier Bond film Thunderball (1965)), starred Sean Connery as James Bond - the star's first appearance as agent 007 for the first time since Diamonds Are Forever (1971).
1984 Tri-Star Pictures, formed a year earlier as a joint venture by CBS Television, HBO (Home Box Office) and Columbia Pictures, released its first film in May, The Natural.   2010: The Year We Make Contact: CGI was used to create thousands of monoliths for the end sequence.

The Last Starfighter: Uses CGI for all spaceship shots, replacing traditional models. First use of 'integrated CGI' where the effects are supposed to represent real world objects.
  Lensman: First anime to make extensive use of CGI.   Death of Walter Pidgeon (September 25).
1985 The first Blockbuster Video store opened in Dallas.

Dire Straits - Money for Nothing: The first computer generated music video.
  The Black Cauldron: The first Disney animated feature to contain computer generated objects.   The low-quality Blood Cult (1985) about devil worship, shot entirely on videotape, was the first horror film designed explicitly for the video market Ram Teri Ganga Maili released.  
1986 Disney's The Great Mouse Detective marked the first major use of computer animation in an animated film.

Luxo Jr.: First CGI film to be nominated for an Academy award.
  Dolby SR ("Spectral Recording") was introduced as a system used both when a soundtrack was recorded and when it was played back.

Flight of the Navigator: The first use of reflection mapping in a feature film, used for the flying alien spacecraft.

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home:First use of the Cyberwave 3D scanner, first 3D morphing.
  The comedy Down and Out in Beverly Hills was Disney/Touchstone's first R-rated feature. Naam released. Death of James Cagney (March 30).

Death of Ray Milland (March 10).
1987 The first Disney tie-in with fast food vendor McDonald's was its Happy Meal toys based on its animated cartoon series DuckTales.

Knightmare: First game show with interaction between humans and computer generated surroundings.
        Mr. India released.Bollywood's first major Sci-fi movie.  
1988 Director Martin Scorsese's controversial movie The Last Temptation of Christ opened in nine cities despite objections by some Christians who felt the film was sacrilegious.   Digital morphing (the seamless change from one character or image to another) of several animals was first introduced by ILM and debuted in the live-action film Willow. Pixar's 5-minute Tin Toy, the inspiration for Toy Story (1995), was the first computer animation to win an Academy Award.

Best Animated Feature Film
Rain Man released. Salaam Bombay released. Directed by indie film-maker Mira Nair.  
1989 The Sony Corporation of America purchased Columbia Pictures Entertainment, Inc. and Tri-Star Pictures from Coca-Cola for $3.4 billion, naming itself Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade:First all-digital composite.
The highest grossing movie of the year was Tim Burton's dark Batman (1989) which was released in mid-summer as an 'event' film. The Abyss: First 3D digital water effect.   Disney's The Little Mermaid earned $84 million and revived animated film. Maine Pyar Kiya released. Death of Bette Davis (October 6).
1990 Warren Beatty's Dick Tracy was the first 35 mm feature film with a digital soundtrack

Japanese corporation Matsushita Industrial, Inc. acquired the entertainment conglomerate MCA/Universal for $6.1 billion.

The X rating is replaced by NC-17 (no children under 17).
  Kodak introduced the Photo CD player.

Total Recall:Use of motion capture for CGI characters.
    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade released. Aashiqui released.A musical hit by Mahesh Bhatt.  
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