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New York City History Timeline 1951 - 2000

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1951-1955   World's largest gas pipeline opened from Brownsville Tx, to 134th St, NYC (1951).

New York adopted the three-colored traffic lights (1952).

Bell Labs in NYC announced the 1st solar battery (1954).
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  Manufacturer's Trust Co constructed (1954). "Own Your Share of American Business" (1954):The NYSE launches the "Own Your Share of American Business" educational and marketing program, aimed at expanding public participation in the stock market. The first 3-D horror movie "House of Wax," produced by Warner Bros. and starring Vincent Price, premiered in New York City (1953).

New York Road Runners (NYRR), founded in 1958 .
1956-1960 Sam Marcy (1911-1998) founded The Workers World Party, an independent Communist party, in New York City (1959).   The New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) was established (1960). Guggenheim Museum constructed (1956). New York Skyline - Day
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Northeast Airlines Flight 823 crashes on Rikers Island on takeoff from LaGuardia Airport, killing 21 of the 101 on board (1957).

American Airlines Flight 320 crashes in the East River on approach to LaGuardia Airport, killing 65 of the 73 people on board (1959).

Mid-air collision between TWA Flight 266 (inbound to Idlewild Airport, now JFK) and United Airlines Flight 826 (inbound to LaGuardia Airport) over Miller Field, Staten Island. The TWA aircraft crashed at the site, killing all aboard, while the United aircraft continued flying for about eight miles until it crashed in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn, narrowly missing a school. All 134 aboard the aircraft died, along with six persons on the ground in Brooklyn (1960).
The Jets, originally called the New York Titans, were founded in 1960 as a charter member of the American Football League (AFL) (1960).

Attorney William Shea announced the formation of a third major baseball league, the Continental League (1959).
1961-1965   Malcom X is assassinated in Harlem (1965).

Kennedy Assassinated (1963).
The New York Review of Books was published (1963). The 59-story Pan Am building on Park Ave. was completed (1963).

Chase Manhattan Bank constructed (1961).
American Airlines Flight 1 crashes immediately after takeoff from Idlewild Airport, killing all 95 on board (1962).

Eastern Air Lines Flight 512 crashes when trying to make a go-round after failing to land at Idlewild Airport in the fog. 25 of the 51 on board are killed (1962).

Three brush fires on Staten Island destroy 100 homes (1963).Kitty Genovese is stabbed to death in Kew Gardens, Queens by Winston Moseley. The crime is witnessed by numerous people, none of whom aid Genovese or call for help. The crime is noted by psychology textbooks in later years for its demonstration of the bystander effect, although an article published in the New York Times in February 2004 indicated that many of the popular conceptions of the crime were instead misconceptions. Moseley, now 72, remains incarcerated as of 2007 (1964).

Eastern Air Lines Flight 663 crashes at Jones Beach when after takeoff from JFK it is forced to evade inbound PanAm Flight 212. All 84 on board are killed (1965).

Black nationalist leader Malcolm X is assassinated at the Audubon Ballroom by three members of the Nation of Islam (1965).
New York Mets established in 1962.

The New York Film Festival is the one of the United States's most important film festivals, first held in 1962 in New York.
1966-1970   Banker Edmund Safra (d.1999) founded the Republic National Bank (1966).   Whitney Museum constructed (1966).

Paley Park constructed (1967).

U. N. Plaza constructed (1969).

East Harlem Pre-School constructed (1970).
First Woman Member(1967):Muriel Siebert becomes the first woman member of the Exchange.

First African-American Member (1970):Joseph L. Searles III becomes the first African-American member of the Exchange.
James "Groovy" Hutchinson, 21, an East Village hippie/dealer, and Linda Fitzpatrick, 18, a newly-converted flower child from a wealthy Greenwich, Connecticut family, are found bludgeoned to death at 169 Avenue B, an incident dubbed "The Groovy Murders" by the press. Two drifters later plead guilty to the murders (1967).

A questionable police raid on the Stonewall Inn, a Greenwich Village gay bar, is resisted by the patrons and leads to a riot. The event helps inspire the founding of the modern gay rights movement (1969).

Three members of the domestic terrorist group the Weathermen are killed when a bomb they were preparing accidentally explodes in the basement of a townhouse on 18 West 11th Street (1970).
The Mets won the first World Series Championships in 1969 .

New Jersey Nets is founded in 1967.

First New York Marathon is run (1970).
1971-1975     In New York the Solow Building was completed (1972).

The twin towers of the World Trade Center were completed and became the tallest buildings in the world (1973).
Fraunces Tavern a historical site in lower Manhattan is bombed by the FALN killing 4 people and wounding more than 50 (1973).

Eastern Air Lines Flight 66 from New Orleans strikes the runway lights at Kennedy airport, probably due to wind shear. 113 of the 124 people on board are killed (1975)

December 29, 1975 - A bomb explodes in the baggage claim area of the TWA terminal at LaGuardia Airport, killing 11 and injuring 74. The perpetrators were never identified (1975).
The New York Athletic Club RFC was established in 1973.

New Jersey Devils is founded in 1974.

New York Islanders is formed in 1972.
1976-1980     Citicorp Center constructed (1976).

Javits Convention Center constructed (1979).
NYSE Launches Designated Order Turnaround (1976):The fully automated Designated Order Turnaround (DOT) systemฎ is introduced to electronically route smaller orders. ITS (1978):The Intermarket Trading System (ITS) is inaugurated. ITS provides an electronic link between the NYSE and competing exchanges, enabling brokers to access all markets nation- wide to find the best purchase or sale price for a security Six year-old Etan Patz vanishes after leaving his SoHo apartment to walk to his school bus alone. Despite a massive search by the NYPD the boy is never found, and was declared legally dead in 2001 (1979).

Ex-Congressman Allard Lowenstein is assassinated in his law offices at Rockefeller Center by Dennis Sweeney, a deranged ex-associate (1980).

Ex-Beatle John Lennon is murdered in front of his home in The Dakota (1980)
1981-1985   The 1st National Missing Children's Day was observed under a proclamation by Pres. Reagan (1983).

The US Post Office featured the Brooklyn Bridge on a stamp (1983).

"New York, New York" became the official anthem of NYC (1985).
  The IBM corporate headquarters at Madison and 57th Ave. in Manhattan, designed by Edward Larrabee Barnes (1915-2004), was completed (1983). First 100 Million Share Day (1982).

Committee on Voting Rights Appointed (1984):The Exchange appoints a committee to review voting rights issues

Super Dot 250 Launches (1984).

Trading Hours Change (1985).

Ronald Reagan Visits NYSE (1985)
66-year old Eleanor Bumpurs is shot and killed by police as they tried to evict her from her Bronx apartment. Bumpurs, who was mentally ill, was wielding a knife and had slashed one of the officers. The shooting provoked heated debate about police racism and brutality (1984).  
1986-1990 David Dinkins is the first Black Mayor elected (1989). The Statue of Liberty turned 100 years old (1986).     New Voting Rights Policy Adopted (1986).

Largest One-Day Percentage Drop (1987).

Circuit Breakers (1988):The SEC approves a series of actions by the NYSE and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to coordinate procedures between the equities and futures markets, including coordinated circuit breakers to control extreme price movements and the sharing of market surveillance

Protection of Shareholders Rights (1988):The SEC prohibits disenfranchisement of existing common stockholders.

51 Million Americans Own Stock (1990).
Avianca Flight 52 to Kennedy airport crashes at Cove Neck, Long Island, after missing an approach and then running out of fuel. 73 of 158 passengers are killed (1990).

Utah tourist Brian Watkins is stabbed to death at the Seventh Avenue (IND station) by a gang of youths. Watkins was visiting New York with his family to attend the US Open Tennis tournament in Queens, when he was killed defending his family from a gang of muggers. The killing marked a low point in the record murder year of 1990 and led to an increased police presence in New York (1990).
The Mets won the second World Series Championships in 1986.
1991-1995 The Republican Rudolph Guiliani is elected at the head of the City Hall (1993).   The Encyclopedia of New York City, edited by Kenneth T. Jackson, was published (1995).   Off-hours Trading (1991): The NYSE begins its first off-hours trading sessions. Session I from 4:15 - 5 P.M. Session II from 4 - 5:15 P.M.

Dow Exceeds 3,000 (1991): the Dow Jones Industrial Average exceeds 3,000 for the first time.

Average Daily Volume Surpasses 200 Million (1992).

Integrated Technology Plan (1993):The Integrated Technology Plan is begun to upgrade trading floor networks, hardware and software, in order to enhance the quality, capacity, efficiency and productivity of virtually every aspect of trading floor operations.

1st German Listed Company (1993):Daimler-Benz AG becomes the first German listed company.
A bomb planted by terrorists explodes in the World Trade Center's underground garage, killing six people and injuring over a thousand, as well as causing much damage to the basement (1993). Red Bull New Yorkis formed in 1995.

New York Dragons is founded in 1995.
1996-2000 Hillary Rodham became the first first lady to win an election as she claimed victory in the New York Democratic Senate primary (2000)     Rose Center for Earth and Space is under construction (2000). First Russian Listed Company (1996):VimpelCom, the largest provider of cellular telecommunications in Russia, becomes the NYSE's first Russian listed company.

Wireless Data System (1997):The Wireless Data System is inaugurated, allowing brokers to receive orders, access market information and transmit execution reports from any location on the trading floor.

Volume Tops 1 Billion (1997):volume tops 1 billion shares for the first time.

DJIA tops 10,000 (1999):On March 19, the Dow Jones Industrial Averages tops 10,000 for the first time.

Dow's Biggest Point Jump (2000).

First NYSE Exchange - Traded Fund (2000).
TWA Flight 800 departs Kennedy airport and crashes in the Atlantic Ocean south of Long Island, killing all 230 people on board (1996).  
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