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World History Timeline: 1701 - 1800

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1701-1710   Much of Europe involved in War of Spanish Succession; French routed at Battle of Blenheim, 1704 (1701- 1713)

The Kingdom of Great Britain was formed (1707)
Bartolomeo Cristofori invents the piano.(1709)       City of Detroit founded in North America by Antoine de Cadillac to control passage between Lakes Erie and Huron (1701)
1711-1720 Reign of King frederick william I of Prussia (1713 -1740) Tuscarora War between settlers and Native Americans in North Carolina(1711)

Yamasee nation attacks South Carolina colony, killing hundreds of English settlers(1715)
  French build fortress, one of the strongest in North America, at Louisbourg in Canada(1716) In England, Thomas Newcomen invents a workable steam pump for use in mines (1712)

Englishmen, John Shore invents the tuning fork. (1711)

New Orleans was founded (1718)
  City of New Orleans is founded on Mississippi river (1718)
1721-1730 Cardinal Fleury governs France peacefully (1726 -1743) Persia's Safavid dynasty fell (1722)     Peter the Great founds Russian Academy of Sciences (1724)

Gabriel Fahrenheit invents the first mercury thermometer.(1724)

First discovery of diamonds in Brazil in Minas Gerais area where gold is already mined(1727)
  Coffee first planted in Brazil, by Europeans (1727)
1731-1740 Frederick The Great rules Prussia (1740 -1786) Prussia attacks Austria and drags much of Europe into War of Austria Succession (1740 -1748)       John Kay invents the flying shuttle.(1733)

Natural rubber discovered in the humid rain forests of Peru(1736)
  South Carolina is shaken by slave revolts(1739)
1741-1750 Reign of Elizabeth I of Russia, daughter of Peter the Great; (1741 - 1761) The First Saudi State was founded by Mohammed Ibn Saud (1744)        
1751-1760   Seven Years War; Prussia and Britain versus France, Austria, and Russia (1756-1763)

The Industrial Revolution (1760-1830)

General James Wolfe defeats French at the Battle of Quebec(1759)
    The great Lisbon earthquake in Portugal; many thousands killed (1755)
1761-1770 Reign of Russian empress Catherine the Great (1762 - 1796) British expedition against Cuba seizes Havana from Spain(1762)   James Watt invents an improved steam engine.(1769)
  Stamp Act imposed on British colonies in Americas(1765)
1771-1780 Reign of Louis XVI, king of France (1774 - 1792) American Revolution (1776)

War of Bavarian Succession between Prussia and Austria (1778)
    James Watt perfects steam engine (1775)

David Bushnell invents a submarine. (1776)
  Boston Tea Party (1773)

US Declaration of Independence (4 July) (1776)
1781-1790 William Pitt the Younger is prime minister of England (1783) French Revolution (1789)

Outbreak of French Revolution; Paris Bastille stormed (1789)
  Louis Sebastien demonstrates the first parachute.(1783)

John Fitch invents a steamboat.(1786)
  US independence recognized at Treaty of Paris(1783)
1791-1800 George Washington is first president of the United States (1789-1797) Trinidad captured from Spanish in Caribbean(1793)

France overruns Netherlands; creates dependent Dutch republic (1795)
  John Barber invents the gas turbine.(1791)

The first ambulance.(1792)

Italian scientist Volta invents electric cell (1800)
  Canada Act divides Canada into Upper and Lower Canada(1791)
Year Rulers War and Politics Entertainment Literature Art and Architecture Science and Technology India Historic Events / Personalities

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