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World History Timeline: 1951 - 2000

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1951-1955 Sir Winston Churchill forms his first peacetime government in England (1951) Army officers seize power from Argentinian president Peron (1955)     DNA discovered (1953)

Edward Teller and team build the hydrogen bomb.(1952)

Arco, Idaho becomes the first U.S. town to be powered by nuclear energy.

  Mt Everest conquered for the first time by Tenzing and Hillary (May 29, 1953)

at 29,028 ft Mt Everest is the highest place on earth

Death of Stalin in Russia (1953)
1956-1960 Charles de Gaulle brings strong presidential rule to France (1958)       Russians launch Sputniks; Laika, a small dog, becomes the first living creature in space (1957)

The hovercraft invented by Christopher Cockerell.(1956)

U.S.S.R. launches Sputnik I and II, the first earth satellites (1957)

NASA established (1958)

The integrated circuit invented by Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce. (1958)
1961-1965 Leonid Brezhnev takes over from Khrushchev as ruler in Russia (1964) Military leaders seize power in Brazil (1964)     Russian Yuri Gagarin becomes first human in space (1961)

The audio cassette invented. (1962)

The compact disk invented by James Russell. (1965)
  John F. Kennedy is assassinated (1963)
1966-1970   U.S. invades
Cambodia (1970)
      First human heart transplant operation(1967)

The first computer with integrated circuits made.(1968)

The arpanet (first internet) invented.(1969)

US astronauts land on the Moon (1969)

The first moon landing by a human was that of American Neil Armstrong

The floppy disk invented by Alan Shugart.(1970)
1971-1975   South Vietnam surrenders
to North Vietnam (1975)
  Soviet Salyut 1
space station (1971)

The dot-matrix printer invented.(1971)

The microprocessor invented by Faggin, Hoff and Mazor.(1971)

The ethernet (local computer network) invented by Robert Metcalfe(1973)

The laser printer invented.(1975)
  Death of Picasso (1973)

The Guinness Book of Records names Picasso as the most prolific painter ever.

1976-1980 Britain elects first female prime minister, Margaret Thatcher (1979) Soviets lose war
in Afganistan (1979 -1988)

Civil war in El Salvador(1980-1982)
  Viking 1 & 2 land on Mars (1976)

Invention of Personal
computer (1978)

The ink-jet printer invented.(1976)

The world's first test-tube baby, Louise Brown, is born in London (1978)

Cellular phones invented.(1979)

The hepatitis-B vaccine invented.(1980)

  Mother Teresa awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979
1981-1985   Falklands War between Argentina and Britain(1982)

US Embassy in Beirut bombed (1983)
music (1984)
MS-DOS invented.(1981)

The first IBM-PC invented.(1981)

The CD-ROM invented.(1984)

Windows program invented by Microsoft.(1985)
  Assassination attempts on President Reagan and Pope John Paul II (1981)
1986-1990 US soldiers invade Panama and depose ruler, General Noriega (1989) Nuclear power disaster at Chernobyl in Ukraine (1986)

East and West Germany are unified as one nation (1990)
    A high-temperature super-conductor invented by J. Georg Bednorz and Karl A. Muller.(1986)   Berlin Wall dismantled (1989)

Nelson Mandela released from South African prison (1990)

1991-1995   Break-up of the Soviet Union (1991)

Gulf War (1991)

The Cold War is over (1991)
  Internet expands with
World Wide Web (1993)

The digital answering machine invented.(1991)

The pentium processor invented.(1993)

DVD (Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Disc) invented.(1995)
  Palestinian leader Arafat and Israeli prime minister Rabin sign peace agreement in United States (1993)
1996-2000     Titanic becomes the highest-grossing film of all time, raking in more than $580 million domestically in USA (1997-98)   NASA spacecraft
lands on Mars (1997)

Web TV invented.(1996)

Scientists measure the fastest wind speed ever recorded on earth, 509 km/h(318 mph).(1999)
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