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World History Timeline: 1851 - 1900

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1851-1855 Louis Napoleon becomes Emperor Napoleon III of the French (1852) Crimean War: Russia fights Turkey, Britain, France, and Sardinia (1853 - 1856)

Formation of Republican Party in US (1854)
    Isaac Singer invents a sewing machine.(1851)

First double-decker bus (1851)

George Cayley invents a manned glider.(1853)
1856-1860   Britain and China are at war (1856)     Louis Pasteur invents pasteurisation.(1856)
First War of Indian Independence (1857)  
1861-1865   American Civil War begins (1861)     Pierre Michaux invents a bicycle.(1861)

Dr. Richard Gatling patents the machine gun.(1862)
  Lincoln assassinated (1865)
1866-1870 Gladstone is British prime minister for first time (1868 - 1874) Franco-Prussian War; Napoleon III abdicates, Third Republic established in France (1870 - 1871)       Invention of dynamite by Alfred Nobel(1866)

Christopher Scholes invents the first practical and modern typewriter.(1867)

Robert Mushet invents tungsten steel.(1868)
  Suez Canal opened (1869)
1871-1875 Unification of Germany: Prussian king William I becomes emperor of Germany (1871)     Development of first color photographs (1873)   Opening of Brooklyn Bridge (1872)
1876-1880 Rule of President Diaz of Mexico: period of great expansion (1876-1911) Congress of Berlin ends Russo-Turkish War (1877 - 78)

The War of the Pacific between Chile, Peru, and Bolivia (1879)
  Graham Bell invents the telephone (1876)

US inventor Thomas Edison invents the record-player (1877)

Englishmen, John Milne invents the modern seismograph.(1880)
1881-1885   Triple Alliance is formed between Germany, Austria, and Italy (1882)   Alexander Graham Bell invents the first crude metal detector.(1881)

Edison invents the light bulb(1883)

Pasteur invents rabies vaccine (1885)

Harim Maxim invents the machine gun.(1885)

Gottlieb Daimler invents the first gas-engined motorcycle. (1885)
  Assassination of Tsar Alexander II of Russia (1881)

Canadian Pacific railway opens (1885)
1886-1890 Bulgaria elects Ferdinand of Coburg king; it becomes leading Balkan state (1887)   William Kennedy Laurie Dickson, commissioned by Thomas Alva Edison, builds the first motion-picture camera and names it the Kinetograph (1889)

Thomas Edison demonstrating the kinetograph in 1928

Picasso paints Le picador (1889-1890)

Gottlieb Daimler builds the world's first four-wheeled motor vehicle. (1886)
1891-1895   Civil war in Chile (1891) In France, the Lumi_re brothers invent the film projector (1895) Marconi invents wireless telegraphy (1895)

Jesse W. Reno invents the escalator.(1891)

Discovery of x-rays by Rontgen (1895)
  Assassination of Bulgarian prime minister Stambuloff (1895)
1896-1900   Spanish-American War; Spain gives Cuba independence, United States takes Puerto Rico, Guam, and Philippines as colonies (1898)       Modern Olympics held in Athens (1896)

Marie Curie discovers the radioactive elements radium and polonium (1898)

Nobel Prizes established (1896)

Boxer Rebellion in China (1900)
Year Rulers War and Politics Entertainment Literature Art and Architecture Science and Technology India Historic Events / Personalities

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